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1600 E 5TH ST
LUMBERTON, NC 28358 6104
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Contact Information
Primary: Candice Cook P: 910-738-3571 C: F: 910-738-6148 E:
Primary: Main Primary P: 910-738-3571 C: F: E:
After Hours Number: 910-225-9814

COUNTIES SERVED : Bladen, Columbus, Robeson, Scotland
CULTURES SERVED : Hispanic or Latino
TU: 8AM-12PM 1PM-6PM
W:8AM-12PM 1PM-6PM
TH: 8AM-12PM 1PM-6PM
F: 8AM-12PM
SPECIALTIES SERVED:  Abuse and Neglect
Adults (18+)
Adults (21+)
Affective Disorders
All Ages
Amnestic Disorder
Anger Management
Assessment Evalution
At Risk Adolescents
At Risk Youth
Attachment issues
Attention-deficit disorder
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Autistic Spectrum
Behavioral Disorders
Bereavement Issues
Bipolar Disorder
Body Image
Brain Injury
Career/Vocational Counseling
Child and Adolescent
Children (Under 18)
Christian / Religious Focus
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Community-Based Services
Conduct Disorders
Couple and Family Counseling
Couples / Marriage
Court Ordered
Crisis/Solution focused Brief Therapy
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Develop Disabil - Periodic
Disability and Chronic Illness
Dual Disability/Disorders
Eating Disorders
Evidence Based Practice
Faith Based Counseling
Forensic Evaluations/Screening
Gay & Lesbian
Gender Identity Issues
Gender Specific
General Psychiatry
Grief and Loss Therapy
Identity Issues
Impulse Control
Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled
Learning Disorders/Disabilities
Marriage and Family Counseling
Men's Issues
Mood Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Personality Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders
Self Direction
Sexual Reactive
Somatoform Disorders
Stress Management
Substance Abuse Certified
Substance Use Outpatient Treatment
Trauma Focused - Abuse, Physical, Sexual, and/or Emotional
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Traumatic Brain Injury
Women's Issues

List of Contracted Services:
90785 -Interactive Complexity, 90785CR:Medicaid&State, 90785GTCR: Medicaid, 90791 - Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation (No Medical Services), 90791 22 TF- CBT Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation ( No medicaid Services) , 90791CR:Medicaid&State, 90791GTCR:Medicaid, 90792CR:Medicaid&State, 90792GTCR:Medicaid, 90801 - Clinical Intake, 90804 - Individual Therapy (20-30 min), 90806 - Individual Therapy (45-50 min), 90832 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minutes, 90832:22 Psychology 30 minutes, 90832CR:Medicaid&State, 90832GTCR:Medicaid, 90833 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minute Add on to E&M, 90833 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minute Add on to E&M, 90833CR:Medicaid&State, 90833GTCR:Medicaid, 90834 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minutes, 90834:22 Psychotherapy 45 min, 90834CR:Medicaid&State, 90834GTCR:Medicaid, 90836 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minute Add on to E&M, 90836 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minute Add on to E&M, 90836CR:Medicaid&State, 90836GTCR:Medicaid, 90837 - Psychotherapy - 60 Minutes, 90837:22 Psychotherapy 60 min, 90837CR:Medicaid&State, 90837GTCR:Medicaid, 90838 - Psychotherapy - 60 Minutes Addon to E&M, 90838CR:Medicaid&State, 90838GTCR:Medicaid, 90839 - Psychotherapy for Crisis First 60 Minutes , 90839CR:Medicaid&State, 90839GTCR:Medicaid, 90840CR:Medicaid&State, 90840GTCR:Medicaid, 90845 - psychoanalysis, 90846 - Family Therapy w/o client, 90846:22 Family Therapy w/o Client, 90846CR:Medicaid&State, 90846GTCR:Medicaid, 90847 - Family Therapy with client, 90847:22 Family Therapy with client, 90847CR:Medicaid&State, 90847GTCR:Medicaid, 90849 - Group Therapy (multi-family), 90849CR:Medicaid&State, 90849GTCR:Medicaid, 90853:22 Group Therapy, 90853CR:Medicaid&State, 90853GTCR:Medicaid, 90862 - Medication Check - Individual, 90862 - Medication Check - Individual, 96110CR:Medicaid&State, 96100GTCR:Medicaid, 96112CR:Medicaid&State, 96112GTCR:Medicaid, 96113CR:Medicaid&State, 96113GTCR:Medicaid, 96116CR:Medicaid&State, 96116GTCR:Medicaid, 96121CR:Medicaid&State, 96121GTCR:Medicaid, 96130CR:Medicaid&State, 96130GTCR:Medicaid, 96131CR:Medicaid&State, 96131GTCR:Medicaid, 96132CR:Medicaid&State, 96132GTCR:Medicaid, 96133CR:Medicaid&State, 96133GTCR:Medicaid, 96136CR:Medicaid&State, 96136GTCR:Medicaid, 96137CR:Medicaid&State, 96137GTCR:Medicaid, 96138CR:Medicaid&State, 96138GTCR:Medicaid, 96139CR:Medicaid&State, 96139GTCR:Medicaid, 96146CR:Medicaid&State, 96146GTCR:Medicaid, 97151CR:Medicaid&State, 97151GTCR:Medicaid, 97152CR:Medicaid&State, 97152GTCR:Medicaid, 97153CR:Medicaid&State, 97153GTCR:Medicaid, 97154CR:Medicaid&State, 97154GTCR:Medicaid, 97155CR:Medicaid&State, 97155GTCR:Medicaid, 97156CR:Medicaid&State, 97156GTCR:Medicaid, 97157CR:Medicaid&State, 97157GTCR:Medicaid, 98966CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 5-10 minutes, 98967CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 11-20 minutes, 98968CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 21-30 minutes, 99201CR:Medicaid&State, 99201GTCR:Medicaid, 99202CR:Medicaid&State, 99202GTCR:Medicaid, 99203 - E & M Detailed, New Patient, 99203CR:Medicaid&State, 99203GTCR:Medicaid, 99204 - E & M Moderate, New Patient, 99204CR:Medicaid&State, 99204GTCR:Medicaid, 99205 - E & M High, New Patient, 99205CR:Medicaid&State, 99205GTCR:Medicaid, 99211CR:Medicaid&State, 99211GTCR:Medicaid, 99212 - E & M Expanded, Estab Patient, 99212CR:Medicaid&State, 99212 GT - E & M Expanded, Estab Patient, 99212GTCR:Medicaid, 99213 - E & M Detailed, Estab Patient, 99213CR:Medicaid&State, 99213 GT - E & M Detailed, Estab Patient, 99213GTCR:Medicaid, 99214CR:Medicaid&State, 99214GTCR:Medicaid, 99215 - E & M High Estab Patient, 99215CR:Medicaid&State, 99215 GT - E & M High Estab Patient, 99215GTCR:MedIcaid, 99230CR:Medicaid&State, 99230GTCR:Medicaid, 99230GTCR:State, 99231 - Hosp. visit, stable, phys time approx 15 min, 99231GTCR:Medicaid, 99232GTCR:Medicaid, 99233 - Hosp. visit, complex, phys time approx 35 min, 99233GTCR:Medicaid, 99238GTCR:Medicaid, 99239GTCR:Medicaid, 99241CR:Medicaid&State, 99241GTCR:Medicaid, 99242CR:Medicaid&State, 99242GTCR:Medicaid, 99243CR:Medicaid&State, 99243GTCR:Medicaid, 99244CR:Medicaid&State, 99244GTCR:Medicaid, 99245CR:Medicaid&State, 99245GTCR:Medicaid, 99251CR:Medicaid&State, 99251GTCR:Medicaid, 99252CR:Medicaid&State, 99252GTCR:Medicaid, 99253CR:Medicaid&State, 99253GTCR:Medicaid, 99254CR:Medicaid&State, 99254GTCR:Medicaid, 99255CR:Medicaid&State, 99255GTCR:Medicaid, 99417: E & M Prolonged Office Services, 99421CR Online digital E&M Est Pat 5-10 min, 99422CR Online digital E&M Est Patient 11-20 min, 99423CR:Online digital E&M est pat 21 or more min, 99441CR:Telephone E&M 5 to 10 minutes, 99442CR:Telephone E&M 11 to 20 minutes, 99443CR:Telephone E&M 11 to 20 minutes, 99446CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 5 to 10 min, 99447CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 11-20 min, 99448CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 21-30 min, 99449CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 31 or more min, H0032 - Targeted Case Management-MHSA, H0032HF-High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW), H0032HF-High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW), H2011HI- CRISIS INTERVENTION AND STABILIZATION SUPPORTS, H2014 HM- Developmental Therapy - Paraprofessional, H2015HQ - Community Networking Group, H2015HQCR:Medicaid, H2015HQGTCR:Medicaid, H2022 - Intensive In Home, H2022CR:Medicaid and State, H2022GTCR:Medicaid and State, H2025TS Supported Employment Long Term, H2025TSCR:Medicaid, H2025TSCRXU:Medicaid, H2025TSGTCR:Medicaid, H2025TSHQ Supported Employment- LONG TERM- GROUP, H2025TSHQCRXU:Medicaid, H2025TSHQGTCT:Medicaid, Q3014GT - TELEHEALTH ORIG SITE FEE, S5150 - Respite Care, Community Individual, S5150CR:Respite Care, Community Individual, T1023 - Diagnostic Assessment , T1023CR:Medicaid and State, T1023GT, T1023GTCR:Medicaid and State, T2013TF-COMMUNITY LIVING AND SUPPORTS, T2013TFCR:Medicaid, T2013TFCRXU:Medicaid, T2013TFGTCR:Medicaid, T2013TFHQ COMMUNITY LIVING AND SUPPORTS, T2013TFHQCR:Medicaid, T2013TFHQCRXU:Medicaid, T2025U1 FINANCIAL SUPPORTS, T2025U2 FINANCIAL SUPPORTS SUPPLIES, T2025U3 - CRISIS CONSULTATION, T2034 - Out of Home Services, T2041 - Community NAVIGATOR, YA341TL:Assertive Engagement, YA346TL:Hospital Discharge Transition Service, YA365 Assertive Engagement, YP020 - Personal Assistance, YP020GTCR:State