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PEMBROKE, NC 28372 8893
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Contact Information
Primary: Main Primary P: 910-521-7288 C: F: E:
STR Contact: Donna Britt P: 910-521-7288 C: F: E:
After Hours Number: 910-852-9811

COUNTIES SERVED : Bladen, Columbus, Robeson, Scotland
CULTURES SERVED : Hispanic or Latino
HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, (12pm-1pm Closed to the public)
SPECIALTIES SERVED:  Abuse and Neglect
Adults (18+)
Adults (21+)
Affective Disorders
All Ages
Anger Management
Assessment Evalution
At Risk Adolescents
At Risk Youth
Attachment issues
Attention-deficit disorder
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Autistic Spectrum
Behavioral Disorders
Bereavement Issues
Bipolar Disorder
Body Image
Brain Injury
Career/Vocational Counseling
Child and Adolescent
Children (Under 18)
Christian / Religious Focus
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Community-Based Services
Conduct Disorders
Couple and Family Counseling
Couples / Marriage
Court Ordered
Crisis/Solution focused Brief Therapy
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Develop Disabil - Periodic
Disability and Chronic Illness
Dual Disability/Disorders
Eating Disorders
Evidence Based Practice
Faith Based Counseling
Gender Identity Issues
Gender Specific
General Psychiatry
Grief and Loss Therapy
Identity Issues
Impulse Control
Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled
Learning Disorders/Disabilities
Men's Issues
Mood Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Perinatal Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders
Self Direction
Somatoform Disorders
Stress Management
Substance Use Outpatient Treatment
Trauma Focused - Abuse, Physical, Sexual, and/or Emotional
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Traumatic Brain Injury
Women's Issues

List of Contracted Services:
90785 -Interactive Complexity, 90785CR:Medicaid&State, 90785GTCR: Medicaid, 90791 - Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation (No Medical Services), 90791 22 TF- CBT Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation ( No medicaid Services) , 90791CR:Medicaid&State, 90791GTCR:Medicaid, 90792CR:Medicaid&State, 90792GTCR:Medicaid, 90801 - Clinical Intake, 90804 - Individual Therapy (20-30 min), 90806 - Individual Therapy (45-50 min), 90832 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minutes, 90832:22 Psychology 30 minutes, 90832CR:Medicaid&State, 90832GTCR:Medicaid, 90833 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minute Add on to E&M, 90833 - Psychotherapy - 30 Minute Add on to E&M, 90833CR:Medicaid&State, 90833GTCR:Medicaid, 90834 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minutes, 90834:22 Psychotherapy 45 min, 90834CR:Medicaid&State, 90834GTCR:Medicaid, 90836 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minute Add on to E&M, 90836 - Psychotherapy - 45 Minute Add on to E&M, 90836CR:Medicaid&State, 90836GTCR:Medicaid, 90837 - Psychotherapy - 60 Minutes, 90837:22 Psychotherapy 60 min, 90837CR:Medicaid&State, 90837GTCR:Medicaid, 90838 - Psychotherapy - 60 Minutes Addon to E&M, 90838CR:Medicaid&State, 90838GTCR:Medicaid, 90839 - Psychotherapy for Crisis First 60 Minutes , 90839CR:Medicaid&State, 90839GTCR:Medicaid, 90840CR:Medicaid&State, 90840GTCR:Medicaid, 90845 - psychoanalysis, 90846 - Family Therapy w/o client, 90846:22 Family Therapy w/o Client, 90846CR:Medicaid&State, 90846GTCR:Medicaid, 90847 - Family Therapy with client, 90847:22 Family Therapy with client, 90847CR:Medicaid&State, 90847GTCR:Medicaid, 90849 - Group Therapy (multi-family), 90849CR:Medicaid&State, 90849GTCR:Medicaid, 90853:22 Group Therapy, 90853CR:Medicaid&State, 90853GTCR:Medicaid, 90862 - Medication Check - Individual, 90862 - Medication Check - Individual, 96110CR:Medicaid&State, 96100GTCR:Medicaid, 96112CR:Medicaid&State, 96112GTCR:Medicaid, 96113CR:Medicaid&State, 96113GTCR:Medicaid, 96116CR:Medicaid&State, 96116GTCR:Medicaid, 96121CR:Medicaid&State, 96121GTCR:Medicaid, 96130CR:Medicaid&State, 96130GTCR:Medicaid, 96131CR:Medicaid&State, 96131GTCR:Medicaid, 96132CR:Medicaid&State, 96132GTCR:Medicaid, 96133CR:Medicaid&State, 96133GTCR:Medicaid, 96136CR:Medicaid&State, 96136GTCR:Medicaid, 96137CR:Medicaid&State, 96137GTCR:Medicaid, 96138CR:Medicaid&State, 96138GTCR:Medicaid, 96139CR:Medicaid&State, 96139GTCR:Medicaid, 96146CR:Medicaid&State, 96146GTCR:Medicaid, 97151CR:Medicaid&State, 97151GTCR:Medicaid, 97152CR:Medicaid&State, 97152GTCR:Medicaid, 97153CR:Medicaid&State, 97153GTCR:Medicaid, 97154CR:Medicaid&State, 97154GTCR:Medicaid, 97155CR:Medicaid&State, 97155GTCR:Medicaid, 97156CR:Medicaid&State, 97156GTCR:Medicaid, 97157CR:Medicaid&State, 97157GTCR:Medicaid, 98966CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 5-10 minutes, 98967CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 11-20 minutes, 98968CR:Telephone Assessment and Mgmt by qual non-physician 21-30 minutes, 99201CR:Medicaid&State, 99201GTCR:Medicaid, 99202CR:Medicaid&State, 99202GTCR:Medicaid, 99203 - E & M Detailed, New Patient, 99203CR:Medicaid&State, 99203GTCR:Medicaid, 99204 - E & M Moderate, New Patient, 99204CR:Medicaid&State, 99204GTCR:Medicaid, 99205 - E & M High, New Patient, 99205CR:Medicaid&State, 99205GTCR:Medicaid, 99211CR:Medicaid&State, 99211GTCR:Medicaid, 99212 - E & M Expanded, Estab Patient, 99212CR:Medicaid&State, 99212 GT - E & M Expanded, Estab Patient, 99212GTCR:Medicaid, 99213 - E & M Detailed, Estab Patient, 99213CR:Medicaid&State, 99213 GT - E & M Detailed, Estab Patient, 99213GTCR:Medicaid, 99214CR:Medicaid&State, 99214GTCR:Medicaid, 99215 - E & M High Estab Patient, 99215CR:Medicaid&State, 99215 GT - E & M High Estab Patient, 99215GTCR:MedIcaid, 99230CR:Medicaid&State, 99230GTCR:Medicaid, 99230GTCR:State, 99231 - Hosp. visit, stable, phys time approx 15 min, 99231GTCR:Medicaid, 99232GTCR:Medicaid, 99233GTCR:Medicaid, 99238GTCR:Medicaid, 99239GTCR:Medicaid, 99241CR:Medicaid&State, 99241GTCR:Medicaid, 99242CR:Medicaid&State, 99242GTCR:Medicaid, 99243CR:Medicaid&State, 99243GTCR:Medicaid, 99244CR:Medicaid&State, 99244GTCR:Medicaid, 99245CR:Medicaid&State, 99245GTCR:Medicaid, 99251CR:Medicaid&State, 99251GTCR:Medicaid, 99252CR:Medicaid&State, 99252GTCR:Medicaid, 99253CR:Medicaid&State, 99253GTCR:Medicaid, 99254CR:Medicaid&State, 99254GTCR:Medicaid, 99255CR:Medicaid&State, 99255GTCR:Medicaid, 99417: E & M Prolonged Office Services, 99421CR Online digital E&M Est Pat 5-10 min, 99422CR Online digital E&M Est Patient 11-20 min, 99423CR:Online digital E&M est pat 21 or more min, 99441CR:Telephone E&M 5 to 10 minutes, 99442CR:Telephone E&M 11 to 20 minutes, 99443CR:Telephone E&M 11 to 20 minutes, 99446CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 5 to 10 min, 99447CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 11-20 min, 99448CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 21-30 min, 99449CR Interprof telephonic/internet assessment 31 or more min, H0032 - Targeted Case Management-MHSA, H0032HF-High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW), H0032HF-High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW), H2011HI- CRISIS INTERVENTION AND STABILIZATION SUPPORTS, H2012 HA- Day Tx Behavioral Health Child, H2012HACR:Medicaid and State, H2012HAGTCR:Medicaid and State, H2014 HM- Developmental Therapy - Paraprofessional, H2015HQ - Community Networking Group, H2015HQCR:Medicaid, H2015HQGTCR:Medicaid, H2017 - Psychosocial Rehabilitation, H2017CR:Medicaid and State, H2017GTCR:Medicaid and State, H2022 - Intensive In Home, H2022CR:Medicaid and State, H2022GTCR:Medicaid and State, H2025TS Supported Employment Long Term, H2025TSCR:Medicaid, H2025TSCRXU:Medicaid, H2025TSGTCR:Medicaid, H2025TSHQ Supported Employment- LONG TERM- GROUP, H2025TSHQCRXU:Medicaid, H2025TSHQGTCT:Medicaid, Q3014GT - TELEHEALTH ORIG SITE FEE, S5150 - Respite Care, Community Individual, S5150CR:Respite Care, Community Individual, T1023 - Diagnostic Assessment , T1023CR:Medicaid and State, T1023GT, T1023GTCR:Medicaid and State, T2013TF-COMMUNITY LIVING AND SUPPORTS, T2013TFCR:Medicaid, T2013TFCRXU:Medicaid, T2013TFGTCR:Medicaid, T2013TFHQ COMMUNITY LIVING AND SUPPORTS, T2013TFHQCR:Medicaid, T2013TFHQCRXU:Medicaid, T2025U1 FINANCIAL SUPPORTS, T2025U2 FINANCIAL SUPPORTS SUPPLIES, T2025U3 - CRISIS CONSULTATION, T2034 - Out of Home Services, T2041 - Community NAVIGATOR, YA341 - Assertive Engagement, YA341CR:State, YA341GT:State, YA341TL:Assertive Engagement, YA346TL:Hospital Discharge Transition Service, YA365 Assertive Engagement, YP020 - Personal Assistance, YP020GTCR:State